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dohoho, first post since.. november, how terrible'~! well anyways, not much has been going on lately :3 I've been in a bit of a mood I suppose, but theres no time for that :3 gotta cheer up! things have been pretty average, been workan, grocery-an, i'm a bit over this month I think, which might be some trouble, but we'll face that soon enough. I need a video game to play! I zipped through HL2:ep1 a bit too fast, and after days and days of Colossus hunting, i'm done pretty much all there is to do in SotC. Everyone's so excited about Pokemon HG & SS!, at anime club yesterday, almost 3/4 of the club had their walkers out, it's probly one of the neatest gaming accessories ever, despite how Ironic it is that the DS is, itself a portable system, but still, it's neat! a friend of mine bought both copies, so I might give him like $5/$10 for his walker, and keep around a sandshrew :3 and check back with him here and then untill it's a sandslash! x3 is that how it works? hmmm :3

ohohoho, new sadol outfits o3o do want, i've always thought Sarah should be wearin a nice big sweater :3 I need a new wig for her too :/ well.. i'm trying to decide if I should look into getting another head for her or something, i'm absolutely crazy about the body, and I like Sarah's head, but it's like... I'unno, i'd be interested to get her another unrealistic head sometime, like maybe a used iplehouse? some of thier resins are compatable with MNM's, anyways, thats the kind of thing i'd be looking into for a while. Alley is lovely, but theres alot of days I don't dig how realistic she is, so i'd rather put the next face-up towards Sarah, get some eyelashes all up on there :3 I need to get out of this Dorrie funk, it's not hard, it's just been a lack of effort on my part, which took it's toll

AW MAN FOOOD, i've been eating a bit too well lately, like not "omgfat" too well, just like "hole in my pocket" too much, so we'll see, I couldent find manwich sauce at the grocery today I CAN NEVER FIND IT :I where do they put it?! it's never by the pasta sauce, never by the dry mixes, never by the canned stuff, never by the BIG WALL OF SALSA AND TACO STUFF, I don't even, the only place I can find it without asking is Metro (formerly A&P, they lost alot of familiarity with me when they changed :c, Metro just sounds so industrial). Anyways, I ended up grabbing tomato sauce instead, added some hot sauce, and it turned out fabulously! I even zip-locked some of it for lunch tommorow - u - but otherwise, on the food front, I tried that "Bacon & Blue" Burger from wendy's, it was delicios, but VERY overpowering, next time i'll either be asking for double patties, or like... less blue cheese, cause it really kicked me in the teeth

on the toy front, I havent spent a dime on toys since my newest nerf addition! I actually pre-ordered two "Eureka Seven" figures, but it turns out AmiAmi doesnt make you pay upfront :3 how nice of them! the two mechs are piloted by my FAVORITE COUPLE IN ANYTHING EVER, "Ray Beams & Charles Beams" they come into the show in like... episode 22, adopt the main character, be awesome, then die fighting the friends of the main character, in a raging battle of MORALS. So when I saw they were taking pre-orders on such a short production figure, I had to get in on it :3

Top Model is the only tv i've been watching besides comedies :3 my current favorite is Brenda, but oh I don't quite know x3 we'll see, regardless, i'm still really enjoying this season!

well that was nice! i'm feeling better already, IMMA GONNA GO MAKE SOME BROWNIES YEAAAAAAAAAAAH
well that was nice

♫ bar the door ♫ and keep your dukes up ♫

it's late, I shouldent be up, but my friend's ongoing commitment to post more has my heart aflame with BLOGGING POTENTIAL

my friend alex has a new girlfriend, see, the problem with geeks getting girlfriends is, they put a bit too much time into the thing, my friends (and I might assume myself) are no exception, so it's pretty harsh, he never hangs out or wants to play starcraft online or anything :/ sa' real shame

besides the friday of that, I visited my parents saturday night, which was really lovely, dad cooked.......LOL I JUST LEFT THIS OPEN FOR LIKE HALF A DAY, I looked at the tab, and i'm like "whats this?" and i'm like "LOL, DETERMINATION" so i'll finish it now :'D today I took my bike outside, fixed it, and rode it around a bit! even if we don't have much riding weather left, it feels nice. The bike was a real nail in the coffin that my strength has been steadily declining since I got my licence (because: A.I didn't have to bike anywhere B.I could get mcdonalds ~whenever I wanted~) hahaha, I ended up going out at 2.am just now to grab a slice of pizza from ~the best place in london~ stobies, thier open like super late, brought the slice back, covered it in creamy garlic sauce, and watched the last episode of skins! which made me happy, Sid's been a huge wanker this whole series, but in this episode I finally warmed up to him a bit, he did some things that really impressed me!

ah, so in other news, I got a tv in my appartment! it's pretty tiny, but thats okay ^^ I just don't have anything to change the frequency between my ps2 and the Cable input, which is just bullocks, so i'll have to wait for it, more importantly I DON'T HAVE MY DOLL YET FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU, my dad said he might be by the apartment this week, and I gave him the key to the storage locker! so hopefully~! I miss my dorrie :'D I long for the luke-warm embrace of resin XD lol, ahhh, in other "me being weird and owning dolls" news, Steph's friend Michelle has interviewed me a few times over the last month or so about the hobby, which has been alot of fun, I got to sort of explore why I actually do enjoy doll'ing so much! unfortunatly I can't help but assume that i'll end up sounding like a tottal creep bag :'D not that it would be her fault! maybe I just am when it comes to dolls I guess :'D we'll see! I look forward to reading it! I understand she got alot of information from others too ^^

ah! its late! I did my math wrong on how long I need to sleep!~ hahah thanks for reading! if you did :'D and whatnot, were having a skins thread on /tv/, so I can't promise i'll go right to bed.. but i'll try!


so i'm on lj now I guess :'D don't let me bother you or anything x3

ahhh, so this is just going to be me rambling for a while :'D i'm sorry, this is all I can ever do blog wise

ahhhh, so today I got off work early, which was nice, I put up the shower curtain I bought earlier, its white with a red pattern, and I really like how it looks, but FFFFFFFFF, so weak :'D it was all blowing around and stuff, and I didn't have any windows open, so maybe some sort of... second layer curtain is neccissary? I don't really know. Otherwise, today I played alot of "team fortress 2", which i've been enjoying for just over 2 years now! it was released october of 07, along with portal/HL2e2, and I still play it a bunch, which is a good reflection of how much I really am stuck in the past, I bought my current computer in 2004, I put half of the money I had made working at "Micheal's arts and crafts" on parts to build it, so maybe i'm just attatched to it, but it's hella old by todays standards (single core 2.8Ghz Overclocked to 3.9, radeon 9600 card clocking 400 after OC), so I actually bought a game recently and I can't play it, because my computers too old, it WOULD be able to play it, its strong enough, but theres a set of shader instructions they put in around late 2005 that I don't have, so I can't play new games :/ shitsux,

ah, so otherwise (i'll be saying that alot) I'm settling down to my new appartment quite well! I still don't have a tv, or a sounds system that amplifies phonograph signals, but i'm making due! i've been renting alot of comics from the library, and after finishing a rather riviting spiderman tale, have moved on to mark millers "the dark knight returns" which has been pretty boss so far. In TV news, tonights glee was really nice :3 but nothing special! just because there was heavy dramu, it won't make me forget that i'm trying to be entertained. I've been catching up to top model! and as soon as tonights finale hits usenet i'll be watching it there! can't wait! it seems noone was really watching this season!

ah, i'll try my best to do this often!

Wednesday, November the 18th
I DID go to work
I DID watch the new Glee and catch up on House
I DID but a shower curtain and a BBQ sauce that doesent blow
I DID do the dishes ♫singing along to the smiths makes dishes faster♫
I DID read "Spiderman: with great power" and Read or Die Vol.1
I DID NOT watch the new top model, or Zero Punctuation! but i will by the end of the night!
I DID NOT buy a door mat
I DID NOT make my bed XD


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